Plasmage – For Treatment of delicate areas.

What does it treat?

Plasmage has been designed to delicate areas including scarring, fine perioral lines and excess skin.  It is first patented Fractional Plasma® for painless treatments and is safe for all skin types and can be used for rejuvenation of skin. Plasmage by Brera is a medical grade machine and hence provides our clients with a level of safety assurance above other machines on the market.

How Does it work?

Plasmage® delivers plasma energy to the skin, generated by the ionization of the gas in the air. It is designed for to treat areas non-invasively and is the perfect tool to treat many aesthetic and dermatological indications  including –

– Blefaroplasma- eyelid hooding -upper and lower eyes

– Wrinkles

– Xanthelasma- fatty deposits

– Acne

– Scars

– Lentigo-sun spots

– Fibroma-skin tags

– Verrucas

Less Downtime

The Fractional Plasma® allows our clients to be treated quickly with the advantage of having less down time than conventional surgery, as well as being less aggressive than other plasma-based devices.

Blefaroplasma 3D Video